Band Booking Information

The Hemlock Tavern books a nightly schedule of local, national, international bands and music acts across a dazzling array of genres, subgenres, scenes and microscenes. Shows are held in our intimate back room performance space which is separate from the main bar.

We are typically booking 2-3 months in advance.

For all booking inquiries, please send an email with the name of your band/act/group in the subject line to hemlocktavern [at] gmail [dot] com. In the email, include some biographical information, a description of the music, any weblinks so we can listen to your music online, when you’re looking to play, and anything else that will help us figure out who you are and what’s going on. Please don’t email any MP3s. And unless otherwise requested, please don’t send us anything via US Mail or drop off any demos at the bar.

The booking phone number is (415) 596-7777. Please don’t call in regards to unsolicited demo inquiries. Unless we’re already in discussions about a show, the phone is your least viable option for booking.

While the Hemlock Tavern Limited Liability Corporation values your participation in today’s scene economy, the volume of unsolicited band submissions can sometimes make timely and individual responses difficult. In other words, we’re swamped so please be patient. THANKS!!