Cuntz (AUS), Life Stinks, Violence Creeps, Uffizi

Friday, October 16 @ 9:00 pm – 11:55 pm | $8

“Cuntz are a roving charm offensive; pleasant and slightly malevolent dudes snickering behind each other’s back, but more often right in front of your face, inviting you to take part in your own ridicule, to take hold of the useless everyday gestures and expose them for the necessary evils that they are. Or maybe Cuntz just get off on making loud noises squeeze thru cheap gear, somehow stumbling into a mass of killer hooks like a dozen punji sticks knifing through your body. Their songs are hard to get rid of, “dirty secrets deep inside” as the wounded wail of Solid Mates’ “Deep Gelato” asserts. I find myself repeating the lyrics, mantra-like, crude rhymes as forced entry. Cuntz expertly walk a line between back-slapping chest-beating good times and isolated nights of room-pacing paranoia. Their tongue is firmly in cheek, but they have bitten the damn thing off and only a bleeding stump remains.” – Terminal Boredom


Punk band. Oakland. California. Urth.

debatable hardcore punk space witch Oakland